One thing is for sure, you can’t say that I don’t embrace the moment and give you whatever I’m going thru.. 7/8 of the time I’m exhausted and delirious from rippin n runnin 🏃💨 the other time in chasing sanity.. Really tho, I’m human and am gonna have ups downs sideways and backwards speak!!!

Pac said it best!!

Here’s to a chillup weekend!!

Tremendous amount of gratitude, even when it’s seems like I’m not rockin wit anyone, I’m still rockin.. Thats just #lifeonchill

Due to my dire need of 💤’s in behind schedule for delivering this track.. Links are going out to those.. Much appreciations and a million thanks for your support!!

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Writing.. (About a girl who wants to travel the world to escape herself..) #lifeonchill #lyrics

so earnest..

Six.. Too late to move after all the lies you told yourself.. Yikes

Five.. (until you believe the lies)